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Step by Step you will become a "web wizard"

Examining Source Code gives insights that can be quite helpful to the proactive professional.

You will need to know how to reveal this source code as one of your first steps in learning how to create websites. This is because even if you are using "web-authoring" software, you will still need to have some understanding of the underlying code when making some changes.

To reveal the source code of this page and the comments:
For Windows Machines:
If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer: right click on this page and select "View Source"
If you are using Mozilla's Firefox: right click on this page and select "View Page Source"

Meeting Your Professional Needs

Below you see a set of links. We will refer to the links at the bottom of the page as a "link chain" Soon you will learn how to create links and anchors.

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Perhaps instead of learning to create webs from scratch,
you are learning to make changes to an existing site using Dreamweaver.

In that case you will be going to the Organizing page first and then to the Dreamweaver lessons

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