Messengers are your key to better web communication

Compared to the ancient days of yore, when there were only a few decent instant messengers for the web, now there are some really good ones.

Each messenger opens a door to easier communication with various people. This is because different groups of people favor different messengers. Part of your training is to understand the importance of messengers in the new era (21st Century).

We recommend that your first messenger be Skype.
The astute business person is aware of the importance of keeping costs down and increasing ease of communication.
Skype provides a means to achieving this and perhaps for this reason today it is one of the most popular messengers in the world and many people feel it is the best.

Today more and more astute people are using Skype as a primary means of communication.
Skype enables the user to talk with others around the world, to video phone and conference call.
Skype is a free download and is free for calls between Skype users.
Yet if one opts to pay a mere $30* usd per annum (year), one can have virtually unlimited calling (8 hours a day) to all phones in the USA and Canada.
For an additional $30* dollars you can have a separate phone number with convenient features such as voice messaging and more enabling people to call you.
Thus for a total of $60* a year, you have a high quality phone service.

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There are some other wonderful messengers as well.

  1. Skype -
  2. Google Talk- free -
  3. Yahoo - free - -
  4. AIM - free -
  5. Windows Live Messenger - free - - downgraded due to difficulty of installation
There are also some Universal Multiprotocal Messengers
  1. Q-Next - free -
  2. Trillian - free -
  3. Universal Messenger Plus
  4. pidgin -
  5. miranda -
  6. ebuddy -
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*all prices quoted were sourced in 2009 and are subject to change. Please check the website for current prices in case they have changed. Today you might be saving even more.

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