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This professional web course for business executives is provided to you courtesy of the ProsperityWebs Professional Collective's
As it states on the first page of the basic course
this course will lead the novice web creator step by step to become a "web wizard"

This course has been opened for Unity, Religious Science, Agape and other New Thought denominations at the behest of ServingNewThought.

The goal is to empower you, the spiritual leader of your Center

to be able to control the most important media of your center, namely your website.

Your website offers you unlimited opportunities to communicate with your spiritual community, your teachers and the greater world community, but you must first master a few essentials and then with time you will become a webmaster.

This may seem daunting, but in fact with our tested teaching methods, you will succeed and through your success, you will empower your Spiritual Community and touch many lives through your web.

Your first step will be to organize your web and then you will begin with your modules.
The Dreamweaver modules are passcoded and IP logged.

The course is a professional course

As such it represents a significant investment by its creators

You are being allowed to take this course on a tithing/donation basis enabling you to master essential web skills for the sake of your New Thought Spiritual Community. Each lesson normally begins with prayer and ends with prayer. This is because Serving New Thought is a ministry not a private corporation.

Agreements between the ProsperityWebs Collective and Serving New Thought do not allow the participation of non-registered individuals or the sharing of materials with people who are not registered or have not paid for the course.

Enrollment in this course is a privilege.

New Thought Leaders who enter the course on a tithing/donation basis are expected to adhere to the same level of professionalism and abide by the same rules as those paying for the course. Everyone taking the course is a busy professional. Those paying for the course are paying an average of $240 an hour. Those paying for the course pay more if they do not do their homework or are difficult to deal with.

Thus it follows that people participating in this course through the ServingNewThought Prosperity Program should apply themselves to the course in a manner that is demonstrative of their appreciation for the time and energy that has gone into the course and the energy spent by your instructors teaching you the material.

With regards to the ServingNewThought program, be aware that your instructors are busy ministers who are taking time to support your ministry.

You will have an opportunity to schedule your classes.

It is best to schedule them ahead of time to insure that you achieve competence easily and rapidly and are able to get the appointment times that you wish to have.

Professionals taking this course are aware that it is essential to move to mastery and the only way to do is by doing your homework and keeping your appointments.

Once enrolled in the course the usual schedule is simple and easy to follow. for the first 4-6 weeks, schedule a class once a week.
After your first four weeks, you should be done with your top level pages and can schedule a class every other week for the next 2 classes, after that usually once a month or longer intervals depending on your individual needs.

You may have a chance to develop an expansion plan. Centers which are given the opportunity to do this are given radio ads produced in our studio and additional training. This only occurs when you have completed your website.


It can only be fun if you maintain a positive attitude during your training sessions and realize this is a great opportunity!
Keep in mind that many of your trainers are ministers who have worked and at times still work in film, television, creative writing, photography and art. These lessons are the opportunity for YOU to become empowered.

In the case of the lessons through Serving New Thought your trainer ministers are taking their time to help you. Thus it is important to express appreciation. Talking about how you would rather be writing a book, painting a picture, or pursuing other activities is not considered appropriate or professional.

You are expected to experiment and make mistakes.

This course is a professional course. Mistakes are a normal process of the learning experience. Your mentor minister will not be unhappy with you if during your homework experiments you make mistakes.

The only way to do a bad job is to not do your homework, not to experiment and thereby not achieve mastery. Simply do your homework.

Do not show up at the next appointment with no homework done expecting to do the homework in class. If you do this, your instructor may feel it is best to reschedule you for another time slot. If you do it consistently, you may be dropped from the course.

We are happy to support Serving New Thought so they can support you

As you progress through the Prosperity Program of Serving New Thought, even if your center has been on the rocks, you will grow in prosperity and be able tithe to Serving New Thought so it can continue its wonderful work supporting you and over 2000 other New Thought Centers around the world. We are happy to support them in their work supporting you.

Since you are taking this course via Serving New Thought, you are not having to pay the usual hourly rates or tuition, thus
we ( / the Prosperity Webs Collective) would appreciate your understanding not to share materials out of the course with people who are not registered.

If there is someone at your center who you would like to have trained please go through your regular channels to have them trained.
Thank you, Admin Team

Getting Started is easy!

Here is a link to the Ready 2 Start checklist of things I should do and understand before my first lesson in the Prosperity Program. Ready2Start Checklist

There are a number of pages in the basic module of the course. When you have completed the Ready2Start Checklist, the key page for you will be the Organizing page.

Be sure and download all the browsers, then install them.
Then download at least one messenger, and install it.

Have Fun! This is a great course and you have great teachers!

Below you see a set of links. We refer to the links at the bottom of the page as a "link chain" Soon you will learn how to create links and anchors.

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