Ready 2 Start checklist

for Serving New Thought's Prosperity Program

  1. ___ I have filled out the Conscious Ministry Online Application form -- Click here for the form
  2. ___ I have read the Serving New Thought website --
  3. ___ I have read all of the top pages of --
  4. ___ I have read all the pages --
  5. ___ I have printed out the Organizing page and created my website folders accordingly.
  6. ___ I have downloaded and installed Skype --
  7. ___ I have downloaded and installed Firefox, Opera, & Safari --
  8. ___ I have signed up for the Prosperity Newsletter -- Click here to go to sign up form.

  9. ___ I am aware that ServingNewThought is a non-denominational ministry and as such does not participate in Spiritual Politics.
    • I will not ask anyone working with ServingNewThought to do anything unethical
    • this includes asking for special treatment for listings in FindACenter
    • including the activation of links when no tithe has been sent in to support the listing that pertains to my center
    • including altering the print style or listing to make the listing that pertains to my center stand out in contrast to other listings, ie. all caps, fonts, special colors or sizes.
    • including asking for the deletion of any listing within the directory including my own (which is detrimental to my Spiritual Community and New Thought Seekers who are searching for a spiritual community).
    • I understand that gossip demonstrates a lack of Spiritual Evolution and I will not participate in gossip.
    • I understand that whatever is spoken about in training/support sessions is considered spiritual counseling and therefore
    • I will not share anything that someone else may reveal about him/herself or attempt to find out about whatever has been said or not said in any other training session with anyone else.
    • In the event that I gain access to privileged information, regardless of how, I will not share such information.
    • If I am participating in any ServingNewThought spiritual event including a chat-room, prayer circle, or talk, and a public person should show up at that event I will treat that person with respect knowing that he or she is on a spiritual path. If during the course of the event during prayerwork or outside of prayerwork an actor, radio personality, author or any other person with a public career should share personal details, I understand this is a spiritual event and will not pass on those personal details.
    • I will not ask for autographs or other expressions of special acknowledgment that would cause a public personality to feel he or she is not in a loving place with people who accept him or her as a spiritual being who is on a Spiritual Path.
    • I understand that I need to do my homework and participate with an open, joyful and professional attitude; that I am participating in a mentorship program which means I am being trained to the things I wish to do. Thus my mentor minister is not my webmaster or doing a service for me. I am not paying for a service and thus there is no customer/client to vendor/service provider relationship.
    • That I realize that to effectively learn anything I must do my assignments and attend my sessions punctually without expecting special treatment elevating me above my peers such as rescheduling classes except when absolutely necessary and with sufficient advance notice (2 weeks) because to do otherwise is to deprive other New Thought Sharers of their opportunities to receive tutelage and is demonstrative of egoistic behavior patterns that are unbecoming of a New Thought Sharer.
    • I will not do anything unethical such as trying to get special treatment in order to get around the guidelines of ServingNewThought (which is another way of hurting my colleagues and peers.) or trying to remove copyright notices or use materials from the custom templates on servers outside the Serving New Thought system.
    • That to get answers, I need to ask questions and through this method relate to my mentor ministers when I am having a challenge understanding any particular issue that I am facing and that I should not allow myself to feel that I cannot ask a question or ask for help about whatever is facing me. That my mentor ministers love me and want me to succeed and that whatever "silly", "ignorant" or "stupid" questions that I may have were asked by my mentor ministers when they were mentored and thus they are actually valid and useful questions.
    • That the mentorship I am receiving is designed to impart the necessary understanding for me to master the challenges I am facing and that I can use the knowledge acquired to resolve the issues that confront me and thereby demonstrate my mastery of any digital situation in front of me including changing dns & mx records, doing email marketing, using messengers, VOIP. Thus I save time, money, & energy and thereby can more easily support the transformation of world consciousness.
    • The purpose for this Ready2 Start checklist is for you the trainee to be able to easily begin the program and understand the relationship between you and your mentor or if you become a mentor between you and your mentee. Various points have been added over time to provide clarity. Some of the points in this document have been developed to provide guidelines in response to the occasional and quite rare unethical and inappropriate behavior of certain participants in the program: ministers and others.
    • We don't like to have to write things out like this, but unfortunately it is necessary. Those who complain the loudest about having to read and fill in this and the other forms are quite often the very ministers who need this clarification the most. 20 years ago we didn't think such forms were necessary. Over two decades, we have learned they are necessary even for graduates of New Thought Seminaries.

  10. ___ I understand the above and know that this is not meant to impinge upon any personal relationships that I may develop during the course of my training.
  11. ___ I understand that if my mentor minister or other ministers do things to support my ministry, it is not because I am a customer/client, but because they love & care for me wanting me to be successful in my ministry and thereby support the transformation of world consciousness.
  12. ___ I am aware that ServingNewThought ministries in conjunction with wonderful Spiritual Leaders around the world provides High Quality Designs, Free Hosting and Training on a tithing and donation basis. That in the case of templates provided by denominations those belong to the denominations and may only be used by their members. Templates provided by us are licensed to be used on our servers and belong to us, this includes all scripting, flash and any designs and artwork created by our team or licensed by us, to us, or for us.
  13. ___ I understand that I am participating in a mentorship, training program which is designed to empower me as a spiritual leader. This program is designed to teach me how to do things, not to simply provide me with free web services or web mastery.
  14. ___ I am aware that ServingNewThought is the only non-denominational ministery which supports me and all of New Thought with
  15. ___ I realize that we need to go to and link to the resources listed there.
  16. ___ I understand that it is important to practice the Prosperity Principles I teach and have subscribed to the minimum $75 annual tithe which is a basic support for certains New Thought News resources such as, the Universal New Thought directory and the other news resources that enable people to find centers and arrive on time at those centers.
  17. ___I know that the directory tithe supports the directory and that in addition to the annual directory tithe, I should pledge to tithe an additional amount ranging from $1 to $5 per day. These tithes support the New Thought Library and other SpiritualResources which are enabling people around the world to read seminal New Thought works and thus eventually arrive at my center or join a new thought denomination.
  18. ___My pledge to support these resources which support me is $_________ per day.
  19. ___I understand that if I choose charity and not prosperity, I will not be able to access all resources which support the Prosperity Ministers who are supporting me and all of New Thought by insuring the growth and maintenance of the Resources partially listed on
  20. ___ I am aware that my tithes are supporting the resources that support me, my center and all New Thought Seekers and Sharers.
    • I am aware that all tithing is voluntary
    • that even if I am enmired in poverty consciousness and cannot afford to tithe at this time and can only pledge at this time, I will still be trained.
    • that I am worthy and loved and Dr. Avalon, Peter, Rev. Dr. Alisha, Rev. Jacqui and the other ministers of Serving New Thought are here to support me in my Spiritual Journey so that I can better serve and support the members of my Spiritual Community and New Thought Seekers.

  21. ___I understand that Serving New Thought is training me so that I can better serve my ministry and my spiritual community. I am not participating in Conscious Ministry or any of the ServingNewThought Support programs under any pretext and have a solid committment to my spiritual community and the transformation of Global Consciousness.
  22. ___I am aware of the immense work and care that this training entails, that it is a significant investment in me and as such it is important for me to demonstrate a professional attitude and an attitude of gratitude which includes doing my homework and working on my website with the knowledge acquired, sharing my good fortune with others and letting them know about this program.
  23. ___ I understand that Serving New Thought is providing this mentorship to empower me so that I can learn how to be a more effective leader by understanding technology. The program is designed so that I can learn how to do the things which are necessary to have a better web, or better email marketing, email, networking, voice-over IP, etc...
  24. ___ I am aware that Serving New Thought is a ministry and that my colleagues are supporting me to learn what I need to do to have a better web. The website that I use in the program may not work in the same way as any previous website I have had, but it is my responsibilty to grow and learn both from my colleagues and on my own to insure that my web does everything I want it to do. My colleagues are not performing as employers or a service for hire. They are doing their best to bring me to a higher standard with compassion and professionalism sharing their knowledge with me and I am expected to do the same with other ministers in the future. We provide all this love and training to ministers for free. We do not sell services or support.
  25. ___I am not enrolling in this program just to get free services or abscond with a web design or any custom design work. I am enrolling in this program to become digitally empowered which means that when I want to do something with my web, I will ask for a session to learn that which I wish to learn understanding that my mentor ministers are ministers like me who are helping me and not professional web masters selling me a service. I am aware that custom designs and scripting are for my use for the duration of my time on the Serving New Thought server network but they are not for use outside the network. I may not take any design or scripting with me without express written permission from Serving New Thought ministries and all the parties involved with the production of said template, designs or scripting.
  26. ___ If I am using a template provided by any denomination or supporting my ministry with any logos or "branding" that supports a particular denomination or organization, I affirm and swear that I am indeed a member of said denomination or organization and not misrepresenting myself as such. I understand that if I choose to abandon or leave a denomination and become independent that if I am using a templae which indicates that I am a member of a particular denomination, or have any such "branding" it is incumbent upon me to remove such "branding" and if necessary to ask for a new template so that I do not confuse anyone about my new independent status.
  27. ___ I understand that my note taking style is for me to master, meaning I will take notes on my own time or obtain permission to record the sessions so that I can transcribe notes and not slow down a class. Whether in a one on one session or in a conference call, it is my responsibility to take notes in the same manner that I would in a University Seminar or Pro-Seminar and thus I will not make it a habit to ask my professor to repeat something because I did not write it down.
  28. ___ I understand that these requirements may evolve and that I should evolve to overcome any challenge placed before me as this is the essence of New Thought.
  29. ___ This program is designed for center leadership. It is not intended to train general membership of centers. Training of anyone other than the senior minister requires that a center is demonstrating an understanding of ServingNewThought's ministry and programs as well as meeting the minimum tithing Status for such support.
  30. ___ All participants must print out, fill in and submit this form understanding that this is a primarily an honor system and participants are expected to behave with honor and dignity and not use this program as an opportunity to abuse their colleagues.
  31. ___ I will participate in all classes and activities including sending in tithes or submitting letters of need to use whatever resources I desire to use to build my ministry.
  32. ___ Participation in this program is a privilege. There are no excuses for disrespectful behavior including behavior which interferes with any participant's full participation or the functioning of the program.
  33. ___ It is up to me to occasionally come here and refresh my understanding of my committment when necessary. This agreement may be modified to meet evolving needs and thus if necessary I will return to this page occasionally and refresh my understanding of it.
  34. ___ I am aware that at times I may be required to refill and resubmit this form, for instance if I am in Charity Status or if I miss 2 appointments in a row for whatever reason. I understand that this requirement is due to various participants violating the honor code and thus I am conscious and aware of my responsibilities to live by New Thought principles and demonstrate honor and maturity, compassion and kindness in all my transactions with Serving New Thought.
  35. ___I understand that Serving New Thought is separate from and that I may take this course privately outside of ServingNewThought for the same cost as regular students, that there are special offers available to me

signed by the Center Administrator ____________________________________

(printed name: _____________________________________________________)

signed by the Spiritual Leader ____________________________________

(printed name: ______________________________________________________)

This form must be completed with all points initialed, then received by Serving New Thought for me to enroll in the program and if it is found that it is not on record, I must complete it and submit it in good faith within 5 business days to remain within the program. If I am found in violation of any of the articles of this form, and need to refill and resubmit this form, resubmission have a similar 5 day deadline meaning that it should be posted within those five days and therefore have a postal mark within a working week of being informed that I need to resubmit it.

Print this page, complete the above checklist, initialing each item, sign it, then mail it to:

Serving New Thought Ministries
1512 Deborah Road SE #131,
Rio Rancho, NM 87124 USA

The address for is on the front of the website.

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