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Serving New Thought serves over 2000 New Thought ministries

We have a small staff which is international.

The various ministers supporting you are located in countries around the world. We share a common committment to your success. Each New Thought center has its own perspective on the teachings of New Thought but we are all bound together by common principles. We support you regardless of your denomination or independence.

It is important to schedule your support as soon as possible because there are 2000 other centers, many of which are seeking support as well. The current hours for technical support can be found on our main website:

When scheduling classes, the best thing to do is to schedule classes as soon as possible.

Scheduling Update Sessions

Over the last 16 years since Serving New Thought Ministries began, we have tithed from 27 to 43 hours to every New Thought Center listed in the universal directory unless it is a brand new center. There are over 2000 New Thought Ministries listed in the Universal New Thought directly which can be reached by going to, or You can do the math.

Thus we ask that spiritual leaders tithe an hour a year of time to their own centers to go through the Update/Orientation Session which familiarizes leaders with the free resources that we have created to support their ministries over the last 16 years. We will be happy to tithe another hour to your center to give you the orientation and after the orientation to update your listing.

To schedule an update session, call during the Support Hours which can be found on our main website:
If we are on a support call, you may be brought into a conference call if the number you are calling from is already in our system, but if your number is not registered in our system or if it is blocked then you will need to leave a message with a phone number. Be sure and say your number at the beginning and end of your message, along with the name of your center and its country, state/province and town. We will call you back A.S.A.P. and schedule your update/orientation session.

If your spiritual leadership cannot afford to tithe an hour of time to your center, don't fret, this year we have engaged a contractor to do updates for those charity listings whose leadership cannot find the time to support their centers. To take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to make out your check or money order for $150 to:

Dr. Cheila Souza D.S.

Then post your check or money order to:

Serving New Thought
1512 San Pedro SE #131
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
attn: contractor updates

In addition to your check, you need to completely fill out the updates page, submit it online, as well as send a hardcopy of your information along with your check. We will forward your check to Dr. Souza and upon successful deposit of your check or money order, your update will usually be completed within 15 work days.

Payments to the 3rd party contractor are not donations or tithes and therefore do not qualify your listing as a Prosperity Listing. To learn more about listings categories go to the listings page on our ministry website.

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