Get Skype to empower your communication

Serving New Thought is committed to providing you with the understanding of these tools so that you can evolve and grow your ministry and support the positive evolution of world consciousness.

A growing number of New Thought ministers are using Skype

We recommend you download Skype and use it for your lessons. You will find that more and more of our colleagues are using Skype as well and thus it will become an increasing valuable tool for your work.

Skype is growing in popularity around the world due to its ease of use and its flexibiity. With Skype you will be able to easily send and receive pictures and files across the web. This will make it easier for your to learn and evolve and get support for your growing New Thought Ministry.

Today more and more astute ministers are using Skype as a primary means of communication.


  1. Skype enables the instantaneous exchange of written messages, hyperlinks to websites or downloads. Thus:
    • Users can key in & share names to insure proper spelling;
    • Users can share links to sites that are important for meetings;
    • Users can share links to digital downloads from websites.
    • Without a messenger then Users must resort to carefully spelling out names and the names of websites using phonetic alphabets. Most commonly this means using the NATO or other common audio alphabet systems. This is quite tedious and unnecessary.

  2. Users can easily send and receive digital files without having to resort to opening their email. This saves you a great deal of time because you do not have to:
    • open your email system;
    • find the individual email;
    • open that email;
    • open the attachment;
    • download the attachment;
    • save the attachment;
    • then finally open the attachment.

  3. Multiple Users can tele-conference for free even when using different computer systems.
    • Windows users can use skype - Windows Download
    • Linux users can use skype - Linux Download
    • Apple users can use skype - Apple Mac OS X Download

    • Everyone can use skype for free!
      or one can subscribe to the skype digital phone service as a low cost useful extra line that can be used from any computer terminal in the world that has a microphone and speakers such as a headset

Skype is a free download and is free for calls between Skype users.

Yet if one can augment ones' Skype service by paying $30* (U.S. dollars) per year and thereby have virtually unlimited calling (8 hours a day) to all phones in the USA and Canada. There are other plans which allow for you to call internationally for about 12 dollars a month.
For an additional $30" dollars you can have a separate phone number with convenient features such as voice messaging and more enabling people to call you.

Thus for a total of $60* a year, you have a high quality phone service which is as portable as your laptop or netbook. You can even get a WIFI skype phone for about $100*.

This year when we renewed our subscription for one year, we were given a 50% discount so we payed $30 for the year for both the phone number and the calling service.

If for some reason you cannot use Skype, then get a different Messenger

We have observed that a large number of New Thought Ministers already use Yahoo Messenger and thus using Yahoo will enable you to communicate with this group of colleagues.

Learn about messengers in general to make your final decision.

*all prices quoted were sourced in 2009 and are subject to change. Please check the website for current prices in case they have changed. Today you might be saving even more.

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