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Setting up your New Thought Streams account

Streams subdomains are set up on a demand basis

This means that when you are ready to begin recording your center's talks and digitize them, then you give us a call and we set up your streams account.

It is important to schedule this support as soon as possible because there are 2000 other centers, many of which are seeking support as well. The current hours for technical support can be found on our main website:

When scheduling support to set up your stream or to schedule classes with regards to handling media files, the best thing to do is to schedule classes as soon as possible. We are often booked solid up to 2 months.

When we set up your Stream

The goal is for your pages to interact seamlessly with your website. The way this is done is by uploading existing pages from your website into the Streams subdomain, then customizing them to function as your index and archiving subpages for your Stream.

Normally, by the time you are ready to set up your Streams account, your knowledge should be advanced enough to accomplish this simple task.

There are guidelines regarding the use of your New Thought Streams Account. Be sure and read the guidelines and if you have someone else accessing your web accounts have them read the guidelines as well.

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*all prices quoted were sourced in 2009 and are subject to change. Please check the website for current prices in case they have changed. Today you might be saving even more.