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There are a growing number of great tools for the New Thought Minister

Ministry is rooted in communication.

Ministries enrolled in the Prosperity Program not only receive technology consultation for the life of their enrollment. Prosperity Ministers learn about wonderful tools which support the expansion of their ministries. The goal is to ensure that your ministry expands and thrives so that ministers and their staff are able to be more productive and enjoy greater pleasure through the appropriate application of technology.

We communicate with our spiritual community and the greater community where we live. We also communicate with our colleages and co-workers. In contrast to fundamentalist organizations who are primarily interested in persuading people to believe as they do and threaten various post-life dooms if the individual does not toe the line. We are interested in the growth and empowerment of the people who arrive at our spiritual centers and encourage personal evolution with the promise that an actualized spiritual practice will lead to happiness and fulfillment in our lives now. Each New Thought center has its own perspective on the teachings of New Thought but we are all bound together by common principles.
All of the above means that we need to be more aware of good communication methods and technologies than contemporary fundamentalist organizations.

Some New Thought centers are affiliated with denominations and others are independent. This may influence the message being related to the audience but the root of the message is the same. We are One with God and through God We are One with each other. Of course as the Teacher says, "No one else can do your spiritual practice for you." Your respective spiritual practice of positive speech, meditation, visualizations and spiritual mind treatments are yours to do and will naturally outpicture in your interactions with the world to the extent that you actually do your practice and cultivate compassion in your life. How you communicate is as important as the tools you use to communicate with.

Serving New Thought is committed to providing you with the understanding of contemporary communication tools so that you can evolve and grow your ministry and support the positive evolution of world consciousness.

Fly To The Top with DivineDomains.org

Your best tool is your domain!
insures that you have proper control over your domain or domains.

For at least ten years, we have been fortunate to have the support of the ProsperityWebs Collective. The first great thing that came out of this was DivineDomains.org which provides a reliable registrar for New Thought Sharers. Through DivineDomains.org you can get low cost domains, but the most important aspect of this resource is the user interface. Many registrars have complex interfaces which make it difficult to do adjustments to your name servers which are key to your hosting.

There is no reason to pay high prices for domain renewals, or to use registrars that have difficult to use domain administration interfaces. DivineDomains.org provides an easy to use interface and the added muscle of the ProsperityWebs contract with GoDaddy to insure your success. If you want help administering domains or in learning how to do it yourself, then get your domains at DivineDomains.org.

There are clear reasons for this. There are a growing number of registrars and an ever increasing complexity of their domain management systems. Some of them do not want you to go to any other registar and have ways to hinder your ability to move to where you with to go. We are happy to help you with your domains during your first support session, after that your domains must be registered through DivineDomains.org for support or training in how to administer them. We do not require that you transfer them to get other support, but as far as Domain related support, it is just too difficult for us to give support for multiple registrars. Thus if you have acquired them at a different registar, go to DivineDomains.org, open an account and transfer them. Learn more. Or if you wish to keep them at your existing registar, you will need to go to them for domain support.

We give you loads of support on other issues, such as hosting, website maintenance, media management etc.

Prosperity Ministries all get a free New Thought Streams Account

Every New Thought Center that is currently enrolled in the Prosperity Program is given a New Thought Streams account. This enables you to put as many mp3 audio files online as you wish, as long as they are related to your ministry. Isn't it time that you took the plunge.

Your NewThoughtForms Account

Every New Thought Center enrolled in the prosperity program is also given a New Thought Forms account. This is an excellent tool for the expanding ministry, Study Group or Teaching Chapter. Learn more about this great resource!

Another tool you can utilize to grow your ministry is email marketing

We are aware of several major email marketing providers. There is one that stands out above the rest. They give better service and provide more powerful tools. You not only get discounts for being a non-profit spiritual center, in the beginning your account is free and only when you go above a certain number of email addresses that you are communicating with do you need to pay a fee!

Jump to the email marketing page and learn more about this useful tool.

Another tool you can use is Video Email

That's right you can create free Video Email and use it to communicate with your Congregation when there is a snow storm or other forms of bad weather. You can also use it all the time.


Another tool you can have is Free Conference Calls

That's right you can create Conference Calls that overcome the challenges of holding meetings when people are in more than one place.

Learn more about Conference Calls.

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